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Are you bonded and insured?

Yes!  We are licensed, bonded, and insured up to $1,000,000.

Can you pick up my dry cleaning even if I am not home?

Yes!  You pick a location at your residence (usually the front door) where we will check for pickups and make deliveries.  We will also provide you with "over-the-door" garment hanger, free of charge.  The garment hanger will ensure that delivered clean clothes will remain neat until you return home.

Is there a minimum order size?

No, we have no minimum usage requirements at all.  Our service was designed to be used frequently, so smaller orders tend to be easier for both you and us.  Our goal is to keep your closet full of clean clothes at all times.  Once you get in the habit of sending in a little something once or twice a week, you'll never run out of clean clothes again!

How do I let you know that I have clothes that need to be picked up?

Unless you prefer to be on "will call" service, there is no need to alert us of a pick up request.  We will check your home for the Big Blue Bag twice weekly.

When will my clothes be picked up or dropped off?

Upon sign up, you will receive a starter kit that will include your scheduled pick-up and delivery days.  They will be either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.

What if I don't need dry cleaning twice a week?

You use us only when you need us.  Even if you rarely use dry cleaning, we are still happy to serve you.  Since we are servicing your entire neighborhood it's no inconvenience for us to check your doorstep.

Do you do alterations?

Yes, we are a full service cleaner.  We can do everything your typical dry cleaner does, plus more!

What about holidays?

We will inform you of any schedule changes prior to the holiday week.

How do I pay you?

Your cleaning will be charged directly to your credit card.

How do you keep my credit card information safe?

We use the latest encryption and authentication services for all our transactions so that your credit card information will remain safe.

How do I sign up?

Click here to sign up.

Answers to General Dry Cleaning Questions:

Does dry cleaning really extend the life of my clothes?

Yes.  Unlike washing your clothes in water, dry cleaning does not cause the fabric to fade.  Frequent dry cleaning actually extends the life of the garment.

Can dry cleaning shrink clothes?

Under normal conditions, dry cleaning should not shrink your clothes.  In fact, your clothes are much more likely to shrink if they are washed in water.  The process is called "dry" cleaning because dry cleaners use a chemical solvent, rather than water, to clean fabric.  The cleansing process takes place in a machine that both washes and dries your clothes.  These machines are specifically designed to prevent fabric shrinkage.

Why can't the dry cleaner remove every stain?

Unfortunately some stains are permanent.  Once stains have become part of the fabric, continued attempts to remove them will cause dye loss or fabric damage known as chafing or fraying.

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